CD means Compact Disc, as acronym, CD is perhaps one of the most common words in the computer world irrespective of languages. it is a data storage device that saves data in digital format. A regular CD of about 120mm diameter is capable of amassing about 700 MB of information.

The CD was developed in joint collaboration by Sony and Phillips employing the 1970 patent of James Russell, the American inventor. With its release in 1982, the CD took the music industry by the storm taking over as the primary source of music delivery device all over the world.

Gradually, different avatars of the CD found place in the market offering storage for various types of files. CD-DA for only music, CD-R and CD-RW for writing once and rewriting respectively are few of these CD variants. The compact size, huge capacity, ease of handling and versatility of the CD helped it to see prodigious growth in terms of market shares crossing 30 Billion discs in 2004 and 200 Billion by 2007.

However, despite the rise in sales the CD had started facing challenges from other digital storage formats from early 2000s. This competition dropped down their sale in 2010 by about 50% from their highest sales. With their entry, the digital music services took away another major chunk of the CD business and came equal to it in 2014.

The CD is an advanced version of its predecessor LaserDisc, in which a high intensity laser beam helps the information to be compressed in high density. The initial development of CD was attempted by Sony and Philips in 1970s separately till 1979. Thereafter, realizing the business potential of new technology and the immense task at hand, both the companies established a partnership and funded the best team of engineers to come up with the first CD in 1982.

The Compact Disc has been one of the greatest developments of technology in not just the music industry but also data storage in general. It paved the way to further advancements by opening up different possibilities in the field.

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