The full Form of CCTV means Closed Circuit Television, CCTV has today become a common term across the world. The use of CCTV has been adopted across many sectors including security, law enforcement departments, home and general purpose monitoring. They are more secure and are meant for private monitoring.

The diverse use of closed circuit Television has been adopted across different sectors following their effective monitoring nature. Unlike the broadcast TV that is widely used, CCTV is self-contained and has a camera, display and a recorder which all work together to enable close monitoring of activities.

Great evolution has been seen in the design and manufacturing of closed circuit Television. They are now able to deliver images and videos on real time together with the related voice. They were first designed in an analogue way where the recording of images was of low quality and was not able to handle multiple cameras.

CCTV has today become a basic need in major outlets, companies, homes, public amenities and major highways. Several governments across the world have now adopted the use of CCTV as one of the ways to enhance public security. Since they can be monitored remotely, several cameras can be connected to one command point making them very easy to watch. The modern cameras have a great compatibility with other devices including Wi-Fi and smartphones.

What began as an idea from Walter Bruch has today evolved to serve critical areas in the economy. The German engineer who took charge of the installation and testing of the first CCTV is celebrated today for his great effort. The US adopted the use of CCTV in 1949 seven years after it was first tested in Germany.

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