The full form of CAD is Computer Aided Design. With the vast information surrounding the use of computer aided design, the following outlines a handful uses of the cad software.

Computer aided design is used in the development and analysis of designs.In engineering field, drawings for goods and building plans are done using cad. Additionally cad is applied in the creation of drawing models such as the dimensional (2-D) and three-dimensional (3-D).

Drafters use cad to convert specifications and sketches of architects and engineers into drawings and plans by use of cad. Further, card is used in the wood industry for creating designs for building furniture. In mapping using, cad has been proven as an excellent way of map creation.

Cad is also used in fashion industry for printing of brand designs. In outdoor designs cad software is used for creating garden and yard layouts. In the construction sector, cad creates drawings for construction plans.

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