ATM means automated teller machine. Atm’s are an integral part of banking experience and an essential means for bank customers to extract money from their accounts to pay for everyday goods and services.

In fact, the fact that ATMs have been widely used for decades means that many people take their facilities for granted, considering their capabilities simply like those of an ATM.

However, modern ATMs are constantly evolving and offer their customers more than just access to money. Refills, deposits, money transfer services and much more are now available on today’s machines and as ATM software improves, the user experience offered by ATMs will improve.

Each year, one of the main concerns of ATM software developers is the improvement of security measures. Since ATM appeared for the first time as a widely used banking machine, its security worried both customers and banks. In fact, access to the meters depends on the card and the PIN system, which can easily be stolen.

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