ASR abbreviated as Automated Speech Recognition, and is the technology enabling humans to issue commands or speak to a computer interface with just their voice, making it come off as just an ordinary human conversation.

Regarding strides made towards technological development, we are still some milestones away from latching on to artificial intelligent systems that interact with us in an authentic humanly way.

Automatic Speech Recognition is greatly used in the field of automated identification. Other uses include, air traffic management, medical assistance and industrial robotics.

Identity theft or fraud remains a huge concern.Voice biometrics provides a solution to this problem. This technology is majorly used as a superior tool for battling telephone-based delinquency.

A voiceprint based on certain texts such as the official name and account number is created, then stored against someone’s record, so that when they make a call, they simply state their name and if there is a match between the voiceprint in the database and the callers voice, the individual’s call is transferred to a client service representative.

Automatic Speech Recognition systems generally have the capability of converting speech into comprehensible words.

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