ASP which is called Active Server Pages is the best known and most familiar technology. This technology is used to create dynamic and interactive web pages.

These Active Server Pages use server-side scripts to create dynamic web pages that are not presumptive, depending on the type of browser used by the Internet visitor.

VBScript is the default scripting language used to write ASP, although you can also use some other scripting languages, such as JavaScript. Active Server Pages has the extension .asp instead of .html.

Any web page that contains ASP cannot be made simply by viewing it in a particular browser. The web page must be requested and requested through a server that accepts ASP and, for this reason, ASP refers to ASP pages.

ASP allows you to dynamically edit, modify or insert any content on a web page. The main feature and benefit of using Active Server Page as an alternative to CGI and Perl are speed and speed.

The use of ASP ensures data security because the browser user can not view or visualize the ASP code. ASP intelligent programming can reduce network traffic.

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