ASCII Is The American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) is understood to be a standard for character encoding for all forms of electronic communication. These ASCII codes are represented as text in devices including computers, phones and tablets.

The creation of ASCII took place under the watchful eyes of an American Standards Association (ASA) committee, soon to become the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

The default ASCII character set only makes use of 7 bits per character, however, larger character sets using 8 bits also exist, providing them with 128 extra characters. These additional characters are able to represent graphics symbols, non-English characters and mathematical symbols.

Simply put, a common example of the use of ASCII is that, as touched upon above, it acts as a replacement for characters in all computer systems. They can act as a common denominator when data conversion is required.

So if you have program 1 and program 2, when program 1 is unable to convert data to the format followed by program 2, but both programs allow for the input and output of ASCII files, then the conversion can still happen.

Another very important function of ASCII is that its characters are used for the sending and receiving emails. This makes knowledge of ASCII extremely invaluable and something which everyone should strive to acquire. The standard ASCII table is freely available online.

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