Api means application programming interface, but once an API is implemented, it’s easy. Among other things, APIs play an important role in software interaction.

In its simplest definition, the API is a particular set of rules, codes, routines, protocols, tools, and specifications that software programs use to communicate with other software.

This gives you access to the use of the services and resources of other software that implements this API. It is an interface for a different software, which facilitates its communication, just as an interface allows communication between computers and people.

The API access provides access to the back-end, raw data that, with the help of a programmer, allows you to manipulate the format you prefer. Software developers are responsible for designing products based on API.

There are APIs created for libraries, operating systems, applications, programs and more to define the conventions related to the “language” and the resource request.

Routines, object classes, data structures, and protocols are created in the specifications. They allow communication between the provider’s program, through the API and the client’s program.

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