Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP pages are known as the open source framework, which adds the download rate of mobile pages. The framework allows people to read your content on a mobile phone so that they can read quickly. This increases the number of people reading your content. Frame increases the site’s upload speed by removing the elements that cause slow upload of webpages on mobile devices. These include JavaScript and external scripts.

Importance of AMP in SEO

The obvious importance of this framework is to quickly upload mobile pages. As a publisher and businessman, your content is visible to more people. Studies show that if your site takes more than 3 seconds to download, then up to 40% of people will leave your site. Now when your site loads quickly, the bounce rate will be low and therefore your content will be seen by a lot of people.

Another important aspect of the PHC framework is your ranking in search results. If you are interested in Google algorithms, then you must know the Mobilegeddon algorithm. This algorithm equals the sites that are mobile-friendly. Because your site will now be mobile phone friendly, therefore you will be given a higher position. A higher ranking means not only more readers, but also more money.

What is AMP for you?

While the AMP has a clear advantage to speed up the site, it comes with many limitations. Because the setting does not allow javascript and other external elements, so you will not be able to get feedback about pages, potential users, and other items.

How to get started with AMP

If you are ready to accept frame restrictions, then you should proceed and configure it on your site. You must first install and activate the WordPress AMP plug-in. Then you need to edit the file. You also need to modify the CSS so that your AMP site looks like your site.


AMP increases the speed of your site and thus enhances your vision. It also provides a better user experience. As mentioned above, to benefit your site with these features, you have to follow a strict set of rules. If you feel comfortable with restrictions, surely your search results will be affected.

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