AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices. It is an American company that produces computer software, hardware and processors. It was found in 1969 by an American electrical engineer Jerry Sanders along with his colleagues with headquarters based in Santa Clara, California.

AMD industry as its name suggests manufactures micro devices used in computers and computer devices using semiconductors. Examples of devices manufactured by AMD industry includes microchips, microprocessors, motherboards and embedded processors.

AMD also produces softwares such as graphics processors used for creation and maintenance of servers, manufacturing of workstations, manufacturing of computers both personal and for commercial use and production of embedded systems. Embedded systems are used to control programs in electrical and computing systems.

AMD company is one of the worlds largest computer device suppliers. The company produces quality computer softwares and hardwares. With increased market competition, there is improvement in the production of quality products in order to maintain market demand. AMD competes with Nvida and Intel in the worlds production of computer softwares and hardwares.

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