Ai Means Artificial Intelligence. In contrast to the type of intelligence demonstrated in humans, technology has evolved to a point where machines are beginning to show intelligence. This is known as artificial or machine intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) involves the study and application of devices that are able to function by interpreting the data gotten from the environment, learning from the information gotten, and being able to carry out tasks based on what it has learnt. These machines are able to achieve complex goals and even mimic human intelligence by carrying out functions such as problem-solving and mimicking human abilities which allow its smooth interaction with humans.

There several ways in which artificial intelligence has been employed in the present day to provide ease and increase human productivity.

  1. Artificial intelligence is being employed to solve challenges that face the world’s economy. One of those is homelessness. Some researchers have started using artificial intelligence to determine what parts of the world are not enjoying the basic amenities required by every man.
  2. In computer science, artificial intelligence is playing a very huge role in solving difficult problems and paving way for innovation. It helps in binary identification, time-sharing, and also to build computer programs.
  3. AI is being employed in the world of finance, to calculate and solve problems are extremely high speeds with can’t be achieved by humans.
  4. It is being used in marketing and sales to create effective and very efficient methods to deliver goods quickly. An example of this is Amazon, the largest online market place in the world which has generated revenue for several individuals.
  5. AI has been employed in healthcare to develop ways to assist humans. AI has been developed to help doctors treat various forms of cancer by memorizing several details and then making an accurate prescription about the effective treatment for a particular problem.

The benefits of artificial intelligence are endless and the technology keeps evolving every day. Artificial intelligence has proven to be of help to humans in managing a better world.

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