Agp means Accelerated Graphics Port. In the fast-developing world, there are always new developments that improve the gaming experience. The graphics became more realistic, the fictional world became more spectacular and computer technology developed. Many video games now offer 3D graphics, but sometimes they need extra equipment to process them.

For those looking for a way to customize graphics on their computer, it can be a quick way to go to a graphics port or an AGP graphics card. AGP allows you to connect a graphics card to your computer so you can view 3D graphics. An AGP graphics card is connected to the motherboard and offers a high-speed channel for a 3D graphics stream.

Before the introduction of the AGP graphics card, the peripheral component was the usual way to connect video graphics and 3D graphics. PCI enables the transmission of information directly to a CPU or CPU but does not provide the connection from the same point as AGP provides. Based on the PCI bus, Intel created an AGP to connect the graphics card directly to the CPU to enable faster video streaming and 3D content.

In the development of AGP, Intel has tried to reduce how data can be stored in the PCI bus, which can lead to data clogging and slow flow. To solve this problem, you created Intel AGP as a dedicated port, meaning no other device is connected to the AGS graphics card. With other devices competing for space, the graphics card always works with its highest potential. Via pipelines, the graphics card can receive many information packets via a personal request. On the other hand, PCI will require each part of the data request to be received individually, then merged and sent later. AGP simplifies the process and makes it faster.

Another improvement has been made by Intel PCI Bus, which means that the sidebands of the graphics data are addressed. All information sent by the graphics card in the CPU should be marked with a title indicating where it came from and where it was sent. With PCI this information is included in the information package sent, so the package should be opened to get it. However, AGP provides additional addressing lines and disconnects the system as it was to open the package first.
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